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Taking a Look at the Different White Gemstones [Infographic]

Are you interested in taking a look at different white gemstones? In this article we are going to take a look at different kinds of while gemstone, from some of the most expensive to the most affordable. Remember that it’s Important to know where to sell diamonds for cash– rather go to a jewellery buyer like Liquid Fin that has experts in all aspects of jewellery, and not just take the first option you find.

White Moonstone Diamonds

As white as the name moonstone sounds, they are opalescent white stones that come from minerals from a family called feldspars. Knowing where to sell diamonds like these is important because of their high value.

White Diamond

These white diamonds are the hardest mineral known to humanity, giving these white rocks the biggest prices amongst white gemstones. When selling these diamonds you don’t want to sell them at a low price.

White Opal

You will find opal in a great number of colours, including, green, red, yellow and black with the most well-known being the opaque white stones which are called milk opals. Selling these beautiful gems can be tricky because the cost can depend on a number of things. Make sure you seek professional advice before selling them!

Here is a great infographic with more information on white gemstones, including moissanite, white sapphire, white topaz and cubic zirconia:

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Image credit: moissanite.com

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Main image credit: loveandpromisejewelers.com