Selling Diamonds

The difference between smuggling and selling diamonds

There seems to be a misconception about selling diamonds by the public. Some use it as a way to get rid of unwanted jewellery whilst others are trying to make some quick money. The misconception is that people who frequently sell gold and valuables are labelled as smugglers.

The obvious difference between the two is the fact that smuggling has a criminal element in the procurement and distribution of the diamonds: Insert the plot of a movie like ‘Blood Diamond’ here. It basically means that the diamond is tainted, as any master jeweller will tell you, when a diamond is cut there is usually a microscopic engraving left to identify who, what and where it was done.

Selling diamonds means that you are legally in possession of the jewelry, and that you want to relieve yourself of the ownership at a nominal fee. The more legally acquired diamonds trade in the market the healthier the industry will be, and smugglers will struggle to get their products into the system. If your jewelry wants to meet you under a bridge in a dodgy neighborhood it is safe to assume that they aren’t legit.

The modus operandi of smugglers has evolved over the years, they come in all shapes and sizes, and the items they market are a wide variety from household items to information. O yes, smugglers offer a rare glimpse into the world of espionage. The behind the scenes selling of information has been the bread and butter of many Hollywood scriptwriters, and with good cause. The thrill it instills with people watching is an inherent feeling which all of us share.

Alas we all can’t however become buccaneering trade smugglers, but we do however have the ability to be part of the market, so the next time you think of selling diamonds, make sure you are doing it legally.