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The Hot ‘Bling’ Trend everyone is talking about – Sell jewellery or keep it?

As fashion fads keep rotating themselves in and out of relevance every few years, people continue to sell jewellery that is out of date to make way for new trends. Various 90s fashion trends are now having their turn in the limelight, one of the trends currently doing the rounds is hip and heavy hip hop gold and diamond jewellery! As in plenty of it everywhere; teeth grills, 10 necklaces around your neck at least one of which is a giant chain, as many rings as you can fit onto your fingers, giant flashy watches, wristbands and bangles, amongst other jewellery items that form part of the current craze.

Sell jewellery

This one is quite a surprise. While heavy gold and diamond jewellery, or “bling bling”, wearing has been something left mainly for hip hoppers in the past, recently the trend has gained momentum across the board. Former child star Disney actresses like Miley Cyrus and former child stars Justin Bieber, have jumped on board very enthusiastically, despite being accused of being ‘gangsta wannabees’.Other Hollywood celebrities who have embraced the bling trend include Rihanna (who many accredit the grill craze to), Beyoncé, Kesha and Nicki Minaj to name but a few.

These stars can be seen wearing their gangsta jewellery in the selfies they post on social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook. They also wear them on the red carpet or as they get snapped by paparazzi running their errands. Only time will tell if this trend will continue or if everyone will simply sell jewellery to make way for a new trend.

Celebrities aside, has the trend caught momentum with everyone else? The answer is a big yes! Although maybe not as expensive as the collections of their celebrity idols, has already identified this as one of the “hottest trends” of 2013 going to 2014.The trend is particularly a hit with young people, as it is fashionably incorporated into other vintage 80s and 90s fashion trends. Lots and lots of jewellery is something many young people are running with right now. And not only that, the trend is a hit in the runways of fashion capitals around the world!

As with all good things, the trend too is likely to end at one point or another. If you are a trendy fashion guru yourself and are following this trend, do not despair. You can safely sell jewellery to Liquid Finance and reclaim your fortune and move on to the next trend, instead of putting it away to collect dust.