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The World’s Biggest Gold Statue

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Indeed, we love all things gold and were fascinated to learn about the largest gold statue in the world – a Buddha which is housed in the temple of Wat Traimit in Bangkok. This massive statue weighs 5.5 tons and is an imposing 3 metres in height. In the Western World we know it as the Golden Buddha, but its official name is Phra Phuttha Maha Suwan Patimakon.

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In addition to being mighty, the statue is also mysterious. No one is certain about when it was constructed. Although it bears the style of the Sukhothai Dynasty, which belongs to the 13th and 14th centuries, it could have been crafted after this period. However, the Ramkhamhaeng stele (an inscribed stone found in 1833) makes reference to “a gold Buddha image…in the middle of Sukhothai City”. The stone is dated to the latter part of the 13th century, although its authenticity is still hotly debated among Thai scholars.

Due to its nature, people whom have housed the statue have been concerned about it being stolen, for obvious reasons. During the latter half of the 18th century it was plastered over with stucco, and was basically forgotten about until 1954. It was moved a few times in the intervening years, but still with its plastered façade. Only in 1954 was it accidently “rediscovered” and its true golden character was revealed. The story goes that, while being moved, the ropes that held it snapped and it fell. The impact of the fall broke the plaster and the gold was revealed. Once all of the plaster was removed, the statue was discovered to contain a key, which enables people to dismantle it into nine distinct parts so that transportation is easier.

The topknot and hair of the Golden Buddha are 99% pure gold, the chin to the forehead are 80%, while the body is 40% pure. The statue is, of course, priceless, however if one goes by a gold price of $1400 per troy ounce, its estimated worth is $250 million.

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