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The Brilliance of Topaz

This month we will be looking at November’s birthstone – topaz. When you think of topaz, you think of a beautiful orange or yellow gemstone. Although most people always think about selling gold and diamonds, topaz is actually very valuable, too. This might come as a surprise to some people, but most topaz actually is a colourless transparent stone tinted by impurities, which contributes to the specks of colours the stone has such as deep reds and purples, yellows, greys, oranges, blues, and greens.

It is extremely rare to find pure blue topaz, but it does exist and it does create exquisite pieces of jewellery. In fact, you can find this stone where jewellery stores sell gold and diamonds, too. Some of the elegant pieces of jewellery made from topaz are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. Most of the topaz used to create jewellery has been heat-treated or placed under a radiation treatment to help draw out the natural colours from within the stone.

Further, it is mined primarily in Sri, Lanka, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

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If you are purchasing a piece of topaz jewellery for a special occasion, or for someone special, keep these factors in mind:

• Orange topaz is the traditional November birthstone. It also represents deep friendship.

• Topaz is the Zodiac stone for Sagittarius.

• Topaz symbolizes comfort, empathy and forgiveness.

• Greeks believed topaz provided strength and power in times of need.

• Egyptians believed the stone had the ability to guide and protect.

• People form the 13th century believed the topaz engraved with a falcon helped them gain goodwill from their kings, princes and magnates.

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The meanings behind topaz no matter what size, shape or colour are endless, but all that truly matters is the meaning you create when you wear this gemstone, or give this exquisite piece to someone special in your life. After all, this rare gemstone, which is made from minerals aluminium and fluorine, is all about creativity.

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