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The History of the Kruger Rand

Coin buyers in South Africa know just how valuable a Kruger Rand is, which is why it is among the most popular and well-known coins in the world. Its history dates back to the 1960s. Definitely one of the most valuable investments one can make, the Kruger Rand offers coin buyers in South Africa the perfect investment opportunity.

This is one of the coins that are in high demand, as more than 50 million of them were created in order to meet demand worldwide. They continue to increase in value, which is why they are so collectable and why so many people buy them as an investment for the future. But let’s start at the beginning, tracing the remarkable history of the Kruger Rand.

The history of the Kruger Rand stretches back to 1889, when the Golden Arc was discovered—an area that measures 500 kilometres. In this area, huge amounts of gold deposits were found, and there was even a war that erupted as people wanted to take control over the area.

In 1920, the Rand Refinery was established, which manufactured the blanks that were used to set the Kruger Rand coins. It was also used to refine all the gold that was mined in South Africa. The refinery is still operating and is currently refining around eighty percent of the country’s gold. The Kruger Rand got its name from one of the presidents of South Africa, Paul Kruger, whose face was used on these 22 carat gold coins that remain so popular today.

Along with the 22 carats of gold that is used in these coins, coin buyers in South Africa will know that there are also two carats of copper added to each of the coins. This is to provide extra strength to the coins. The combination of these two metals also creates a wonderful appearance for the coins, which is quite unique. The Kruger Rand coins are very valuable and they remain popular, even today, making them very popular among professional coin buyers.

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