Cleaning Jewellery

Time to Come Clean Before You Sell Your Jewellery

You have decided that you want to sell your jewellery so that can get you out of a financial pickle. What to do now? If you think getting it appraised is the right answer, then you’d be wrong. Before taking it to your local jeweler, first clean them up, here are some tips in doing so without damaging the precious metals.

cleaning jewellery tips

By boiling your jewellery in water you can get rid of oils, wax and grease. As long as the jewellery is completely submerged in water, the dirt materials will float to the top.

Toothpaste applied with a soft bristled toothbrush can be used on gold items and then rinsed off with water. Jewellery with glued gemstones should not be submerged into water but rather be cleaned with a cloth that has been dabbed in dish soap solution.

Jewellery can also be soaked in an ammonia solution (one part ammonia six parts water).  This shouldn’t be done for longer than a minute though, and should be rinsed off with water as soon as possible before being dried with a soft cloth.

Cleaning might seem like a hassle to you but you will reap the rewards after you sell your jewellery.