Tips for Selling Jewellery Online

Tips for Selling Jewellery Online

Selling jewellery online has plenty of pitfalls. You never know if the buyers are reputable or not. Sites like Gumtree have made buying and selling online without a third-party incredibly easy these days, however, some things are better off being sold via a reputable purchaser, like Liquid Fin, or through a trustworthy third-party.

Jewellery, including gold, diamonds, platinum and other precious gems require a safe environment for sale, in order to obtain the full worth of their value and to guarantee your safety as a seller. If you do sell, online, here are some tips to bear in mind:

If you sell online, there is a great possibility that you will need to post or ship your jewellery to the purchaser, and because it is so valuable, you’ll want to ensure the safest and speediest method for getting it to its destination. You must decide if the purchaser bears this cost, or if you will.

If you want to attract reputable buyers, you will need to offer full insurance on all items for transport.

People are not always who they say they are
Horror stories abound detailing scenarios where people have been robbed blind online, in an attempt to honestly sell an item. Misplaced trust in an interested buyer can have devastating consequences.

Make sure, to the best of your ability, that your interested party really wants to purchase from you, and never give out your address, no matter how legitimate the person seems. Additionally, if you meet a buyer a face-to-face, do it in a safe place, and notify a friend or family member of where you will be and at what times.

Once again, keep personal information to a minimum in your advert. Do not post pictures online of you or a family member wearing the jewellery in an attempt to sell it. Rather post images that do not give away any details about yourself, and only have the items in question in the picture.

There are many hidden expenses and pitfalls when selling jewellery online. If you’re having second thoughts about selling online and are wondering where you can sell your diamonds and other precious items for cash, Liquid Fin is the answer.

If you’d like to receive the best possible prices, bring them into us. If you’re not sure if you’d like to sell yet, or if you’d first like to know the value of your pieces, we do free evaluations. We will do this to give you an idea of what it is worth, and we also offer this service for insurance purposes.

We are located in Johannesburg, at the SA Diamond Centre. Our location is secure and offers full discretion for all of our clients. No matter what reason you have for selling, we are willing and able jewellery buyers.