Sell gold Beyonce

To Sell Gold Jewellery Grills or to Wear Them – Will this celebrity trend stay or pass?

When people think of gold, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be gold jewellery such as bracelets or chains.

However, a growing trend that may make people start thinking of gold differently is the use of gold jewellery for teeth – also known as a ‘grill’, ‘front’ or ‘golds’. This trend got its start in the hip hop scene, but the popularity of gold grills has grown and a lot of celebrities are now sporting gold and diamond encrusted grills.

Gold jewellery for teeth can be permanently fixed to teeth or can be removed like normal jewellery. For most people, the removable gold jewellery option is the best since it makes it a lot easier to dress up over weekends and still look professional at work during the week. Additionally, if the gold grill trend passes, you can remove them and sell gold jewellery without having to go to the dentist first.

Here are three recent examples of popular celebrities showing off their gold teeth jewellery.

The first celeb on our list is Beyoncé who recently posted pictures of herself sporting a vampire grill with sharp little incisors. The choice of gold over silver or platinum is often for more striking visibility and of course the price tag that comes with it. Beyoncé is always trendy and may have been inspired by her rapper husband or perhaps she is a closet Twilight fan.

Sell gold Beyonce

Another celeb to jump on board with the gold grill trend is Madonna. She also posted pictures of herself online sporting a striking gold grill apparently made by Cap Master. The gold jewellery item boasted with 24 diamonds and it definitely made a visual impact! Madonna is proof that, even at age 54, anyone can still rock the gold grill trend.

sell gold madonna

Our third, and last, celeb to rock a gold grill is young Miley Cyrus. She decided to spice up her new edgy hairdo with a gold grill that keeps with her new rocking look at the MySpace launch. Here is a picture of Miley showing off her gold jewellery with striking red lipstick.

sell gold miley

If you have recently been rocking the gold jewellery for your teeth trend, but feel it is time to move on to a new trend, you can sell gold jewellery to Liquid Finance.  We provide you with a good price as well as a safe environment for when you want to sell gold jewellery.