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Trend article: January Birthstone – Garnet

Each month at Liquid Fun, we like to take a look at the birthstone for that particular month. While we provide a number of valuable services for our clients, such as giving them excellent value with our cash for gold and jewellery services, we also like to examine the value of the items we buy, both in terms of their financial and market value, and their personal and sentimental value.

This month we are looking at the birthstone for January – the magnificent garnet. This gem, or rather group of minerals, is commonly used as a gemstone in jewellery and has been used since before the Bronze Age.

The primary difference between the various kinds of garnet lies in their chemical compositions, but we can say that it is extremely beautiful in just about all of its forms.

The name “garnet” is derived from the Latin word for pomegranate seed, which is “granatum”. It is found all over the world, from Brazil and Argentina in South America, to our own soil, South Africa, to Russia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

While many people associate the gem with the colour red, there are several other colours of garnet that are found including green, yellow, purple, and orange, among others. Below is an image of green garnet:

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Throughout history it has been a popular gemstone; in ancient Egypt it was sought-after for jewellery. It has had various associations in various cultures, such as representing the sun in Spain. However, it was only in 1912 that the American National Association of Jewelers declared it as the official birthstone for the month of January.

Furthermore, it features prominently in many tales and texts in various cultures and religions. For example, legend says that the biblical figure Noah used it illuminate the ark when times were dark and weather was wet. In addition, it is important in Hebrew texts, too – it is said that Aaron had garnets in the breastplate of his armour.

If you’d like to know more about January’s birthstone, have a look at the infographic below. While much of the information below is culture-specific, it is nonetheless interesting to see the meaning that people ascribe to the gem, regardless of your own beliefs and connotations. Have a look:

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