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We Buy Diamonds: Kimberlite Discovered in Antarctica

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The discovery of volcanic rock that often produces diamonds in Antarctica may mean that an influx of diamonds can be expected in the future.   Kimberlite, named after the town Kimberly in South Africa, has been found in Mount Meredith in the Prince Charles Mountains in East Antarctica. The Kimberlite was discovery during a geological exploration but no actual diamonds have been found thus far.

The current reasons that excavations in search of the precious diamonds these rocks may yield have not taken place include the fact that an international treaty, the Antarctic Treaty, is in place preventing commercial mining on the continent. Signed in 1991, the treaty is in effect for 50 years, but is only in force for signatory countries. Unfortunately, these signatories include major powerhouses like China and America.

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Another problem that may hamper the extraction of diamonds from Antarctica includes the mass amount of ice which covers 99% of the continent and is generally 3 to 4 km thick.

Other minerals have been found on the continent before, but should diamonds be discovered, a loophole will probably be found to allow mining. There is a limited amount of diamonds on the planet, the majority of which come from Africa and Russia, and finding another resource would help the diamond industry to continue flourishing.

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