Meet Savji Dholakia; once a farm hand, now the wealthiest diamond owner in the world.

Savji Dholakia was born in 1962 to a farming family in Gujarat, India. At the age of thirteen, Savji dropped out of school to work for his uncle, who had his own diamond business. By 1984, Savji had left his Uncle’s business and begun his own, with the help of his brothers.

It took ten years of painstaking diamond polishing before Savji founded Hari Krishna Exports. Initially, sales were very low, and the business only employed a couple of people. But now, over twenty years later, the company employs over six thousand employees and boasts a revenue of over a billion dollars.

But despite his incredible success, Savji remains a generous man. In October 2014, during Diwali, he gave away 491 cars, 525 pieces of diamond jewellery and 200 apartments to his employees as bonuses. His employees also receive gifts like those for meeting sales targets.

Savji understands the importance of working hard and truly earning your money. That’s why he challenged his son to work for a month in a new country, with only a little money for emergencies, and without the benefits of his father’s name. Under Savji’s instructions, his son completed the challenge and learned the value of a job and the struggles of the poor.

Savji Dholakia truly is an inspiration to us all. With nothing handed to him, he worked extremely hard to create his own company and has earned great success. He rewards his employees for their own hard work and taught his son what life is like when you aren’t the son of a billionaire.

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