When Brides sell Diamonds: The advantages of second hand engagement rings

Are second-hand diamonds first rate, or do they come second best?

Boy meets girl. Boy spends two months’ salary on girl’s engagement ring – but what comes next is anyone’s guess. It is a sad reality today that relationships end suddenly and without warning. From a divorce to a failed proposal or even wedding-day runaways, there are any number of ways that a groom (or a bride, for that matter), could get stuck with an expensive diamond engagement ring and no finger to put it on. When this happens, most people’s reaction would be: “what is the fastest way to sell my diamonds and get my life back on track?”

Selling diamonds on the second-hand market is more and more common these days, and you don’t even need to go through a jeweller. Many different companies buy and sell diamonds, and you could even do it yourself over the internet on sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist.

But what about the people that buy these diamonds? Is there a difference between a used and new diamond? Could there even be back luck or karma attached to it? You’d be surprised about how superstitious people can be when it comes to pre-owned jewellery.

As specialists in buying and selling diamonds, we hear a good deal of debate over this topic. Some people think that a used engagement ring should not be sold on under any circumstances, and that it must be bought especially for each individual bride. Others believe it’s perfectly acceptable to buy a used ring. Let’s take a look at the advantages of buying an used engagement ring:

She’ll never know!

In fact, neither will you. Unless it is exceptionally old or has been treated extremely roughly, diamonds cannot be chipped or scratched easily. If it has been well looked after, nobody could possibly tell the difference between second hand and brand new.

Liquidfin selling diamonds ring

Image Credit: theguardian.com

It’s eco-friendly

From the effort of mining the raw materials to designing, cutting and polishing gemstones, jewellery manufacture is not exactly a low-energy or particularly earth-conscious industry. There are more diamonds on the market today than ever before, so why not make an earth-friendly move and recycle!

It’s vintage

Antiques and vintage items are extremely popular these days, as people become more and more enamoured with rare finds and items that have a story to tell. These fine pieces can be considered one of a kind, just as a brand new ring can, and if you have a fiancé who loves things with a story behind them, she’ll fall in love with a pre-owned ring too.

You won’t break the bank

Buying used diamonds can save you a LOT of money that you can use to nurture your relationship in other ways – maybe with a down payment on a home or a fund for that dream honeymoon? Not only can you save money by buying used, you can also get a bigger diamond for your buck.


Main Image Credit: prettyentertaining.com