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Where can I sell Diamonds?

We often hear people asking: ‘Where can I buy diamonds?’ but a question which has recently surfaced is: ‘Where can I sell diamonds?’ Here are some helpful answers to that question.

Where can I sell Diamonds?

Liquid Finance are licensed and experienced in the diamond dealer business and, with many years of experience behind their name, they can offer you the best prices when selling diamonds and other precious metals. They are in the secure Diamond Center in Johannesburg where you can sell diamonds in a private, discrete and safe setting. If you choose to sell diamonds and other jewellery to Liquid Finance, you are guaranteed the best price for your valuable possessions.

sell diamondsHow safe and secure is it to sell Diamonds?

As mentioned before, Liquid Finance offers a private, discrete and safe setting. We make use of EFT payments instead of cash, because carrying large quantities of cash makes you an easy target for crime. It should also be mentioned that the risk of keeping uninsured jewellery in a safe at home is not always a secure option as house burglaries and theft are not uncommon in South Africa.

Will I get value and fair pricing if I sell diamonds to Liquid Finance?

Liquid Finance are licensed diamond dealers, with a lot of experience when it comes to the valuation of diamonds and precious metals. We use top of the range testing equipment to guarantee you get the most accurate and best possible price for your valuable possessions.

Why should I sell diamonds now?

With the dramatic increases in insurance rates over the past few years it has become difficult to pay excessive insurance for unused diamonds and jewellery that are constantly at risk of being stolen. Liquid Finance makes it easy for you to get something back rather than just hiding your valuables on a day-to-day basis.

I’m curious to find out what my diamonds are worth in the market today, where can I find out?

Liquid Finance offers free evaluations on your valuables. All you have to do is simply use the appointment form, call or email us to set up an appointment to sell diamond jewellery you no longer want. One of our friendly jewellery buyers will confirm a convenient time for your appointment and then you just need to come to our offices in the secure Diamond Center in Johannesburg to sell diamonds or jewellery that you no longer want.

Remember that Liquid Finance can offer you not only the best price, but also a safe transaction in a private setting when you sell diamonds, jewellery or gold.