Which Factors Affect The Pricing Of Reselling Jewellery?

Which Factors Affect The Pricing Of Reselling Jewellery?

It hasn’t been long since jewellery resellers began advertising very loudly to the public, but in that time, many have built names for themselves as being in the forefront of the market.

Of course, many more have marred the market, giving the impression that every single company wishing to buy your jewellery is corrupt and hopes for nothing more than the chance to make a lot of money on your valuables.

The smart consumer knows how to cut these resellers off at the pass and ensure they get the best possible valuable when they sell jewellery.

One thing you should know if you are going to sell rings of gold or silver is that the price of precious metals is volatile. This means it changes on a daily basis based on many factors such as imports and exports, as well as the law of supply and demand.

Though gold has steadily increased in value over the years, on any given day, the price may be less or more than the day before and that means the price you sell it for will have to change too.

If you are planning on selling your unwanted jewellery, from necklaces and rings to brooches and even gold teeth, be sure to keep a constant and watchful eye on the prices of metals.

Diamond prices are generally considered more stable than those of metals, so if you are planning to sell jewels, especially in South Africa, know that you can get a relatively good price for them.

Jewellery resellers will tell you that the aftermarket for diamonds is very strong, that is, the market for the resale of diamonds from consumer to producer or wholesaler.

Just last year, the price of diamonds was shown to be very steady, neither declining nor rising significantly, and this is something that bodes very well for South Africans, since our diamond cost is lower than that in other countries.

Because we don’t have to import duties on the diamonds we buy for our jewellery, it stands to reason that the resale value should also be high.

As for other precious metals and gems, these will obviously not bring in prices quite as significant as those of diamonds and gold (except for platinum), but if you have a number of them and wish to sell them, you could make a decent profit.

When selling any items, be sure to ask for the advice of a reseller you can trust, such as Liquid Fin, and get a better idea of how their operation works. This will only assist you in the selling of jewellery and other precious items you don’t need anymore.