Why Mend Old Jewellery When You Can Buy New Ones

Jewellery, like most things, tends to break as they get worn out with time. Sometimes it is due to poor manufacturing, sometimes by poor maintenance by the owner, the bottom line remains that jewellery isn’t forever.

When jewellery starts to wear & tear, you are at risk of losing precious gemstones. Having repairs done is always an option but why pay extra for something that you might not even want to wear in the near future?

Selling jewellery enables you to go out and buy something completely new. The possibilities are endless, unlike fixing or repairing broken jewellery. You just end up with a lesser version than the original.

Sure there is place for sentiment, and by all means keep those family heirlooms, but hoarding broken jewellery like some delusional pirate hoards his treasure borders on the crazy. Jewellery is supposed to be a very personal fashion statement, and once you have made the statement you shouldn’t leave it to gather dust, rust or dirt in some forgotten jewellery box.

The wonderful thing about jewellery is that it doesn’t lose value as quickly as other fashion or household objects. It is something you can trade and barter with and not lose money like you would with other items. Make sure you consider all your options before spending money on jewellery that you will probably discard once it is fixed. Selling jewellery might sound arbitrary at first, but trust me, once you get used to the benefits you could not imagine doing it any other way.

selling jewellery that is broken