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Why Silver is So Popular

Do you think about selling unwanted jewellery? Instead of keeping those broken and unwanted pieces around, consider selling unwanted jewellery and giving it a new lease on life. Silver is much more than a second-rate metal; it has so much potential. Not only does it look good in jewellery but it also has invaluable medical and industrial applications.


Due to its unique properties, silver has become indispensable in the manufacturing of high-end cell phones, cameras, computers and photography. Its excellent conductive properties and resistance to corrosion allows for faster and more powerful technologies to develop, and due to its abundant availability it has also helped reduce the cost and price of practically all of our everyday appliances. From NASA’s space shuttles to simple USB drives, the addition of silver in various applications has become an essential and integral part of modern technology.


In the medical arena silver has become a dependable and versatile material. Silver’s natural malleability makes it an excellent material for dental fillings and implants. Forming a dental amalgam with elemental mercury and silver allows for a more stable and safe implant that can be formed easily but remain durable.

Silver also serves as a functional antiseptic due to its natural antibacterial qualities. Silver-infused bandages have become a top-seller in recent times. This line of thought has been around since the Phoneticians, who used silver vessels to keep water, vinegar and foods fresh and clean. In addition, developing deodorants with silver ions has also proved to be of great benefit to personal hygiene.

In line with silver’s antibacterial properties, it has been used in the processes of water purification around the world. Silver serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other impurities in water sources including drinking water, preventing many water-borne illnesses.


Due to silver’s strength, durability and malleability, it has been used in a number of industrial processes and builds due to its electrical and thermal conductivity, including jet engines, the production of car engines and solar energy.

For more on the value and use of silver, have a look at the infographic below:

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