The World’s Largest Private Diamond Collections

At Liquid Fin, we help our clients exchange their unwanted gold and diamonds for cash every day, and the vast majority of our customers are extremely happy to get rid of some of their old dust-collectors while getting a good chunk of cash at the same time! Like most diamond exchange businesses, we are accustomed to seeing a pair of earrings here, a pendant there, and possibly a few loose stones now and again, too. While they might be pricey, you’ll never need to feel bad about making the decision to sell your diamonds, as they are neither particularly rare nor irreplaceable.

But the world of the super-wealthy is very different! Many of the world’s rich and famous, from politicians to Hollywood stars to royalty, are avid collectors, and would never consider selling their diamonds for cash. Many of these stones are one-of-a-kind and practically priceless due to their rarity, size or a long and colourful history.

These are just three of the largest and most valuable private collections of diamonds in the world – and you won’t be seeing anything like this at your local diamond exchange!

The Crown Jewels of England

This most famous collection of gems is probably the most familiar to most people, and the Royal Family never seems to miss an opportunity to wear them! The “crown jewels” refers to the regalia and clothing items worn by the royal family of the United Kingdom during the coronation ceremony and other state occasions. Included in the collection are the royal sceptres, crowns, orbs, jewelled swords, rings, spurs and much more (as well as the royal robe). All of these items are adorned with priceless gems sourced from countries previously under British rule, such as India and South Africa. Notably, the crown jewels contain all of the gems (9 in total) cut from the gigantic Cullinan Diamond, the largest single diamond ever found.

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The Iranian Yellows

The Iranian Yellows are a collection of 23 loose diamonds, all exceptional quality and extremely large and rare. All of South African origin, these stones were acquired by Nasseridin Shah, King of Iran, in 1889. All of these yellow diamonds fall into the “fancy” colour category, making them extremely rare and making this collection one of the world’s most admired. The largest weighs an astounding 152.16 carats.

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The Aurora Pyramid of Hope

Owned by Aurora Gems, The Aurora Pyramid of Hope is a unique collection featuring 296 natural diamonds in a wide variety of colours. It is often referred to as the most comprehensive collection of naturally coloured diamonds in existence. The collection is displayed on a pyramid shaped display case.  Owner of the collection, Alan Bronstein, describes it as art in a new medium, “a painting composed of brilliant spots of light and colour that dazzles the eye”.

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